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NITRI-BLACK™ Carbon Steel Care Instructions

Seasoning your
SAVEUR Selects

NITRI-BLACK™ carbon steel

SAVEUR Selects Voyage Series™ NITRI-BLACK™ Carbon Steel Cookware is ready for use out of the box. Follow our seasoning steps to achieve the optimum naturally non-stick performance.  

  • The best maintenance and treatment of your carbon steel cookware is seasoning. It will boost the food release property of your cookware by building up natural non-stick patina layers. The rust-resistance performance will also be enhanced.  

  • Seasoning is an accumulation of incredibly thin layers of oil that have been transformed, via heat, from a liquid into a solid polymerized patina. 

STEP 1:  Wash and dry the pan. Set it over a stovetop burner to cook off any remaining moisture.  
STEP 2: The pan is ready for the first layer of seasoning. Heating up the pan can let the oil go on as thinly as possible. Heating over a burner or in a 450°F / 232°C oven are both fine.  
STEP 3: Lightly grease a kitchen towel with neutral oil. Rapeseed oil, vegetable oil and grapeseed oil all work.
STEP 4:  Rub the oil onto the pan inside and out. Make sure to buff away any excessive oil until the pan looks dry. Buff it out and buff it dry and oil the entire pan.
STEP 5:  Put the pan on the burner at its highest setting or in a hot oven at 450°F / 232°C. The areas where the oil has set into a solid coating will turn a faint shade of brown. This is seasoning. The pan will smoke heavily during this process and will stop when the coating of the oil completes the transformation.
STEP 6:  Repeat the process applying micro-thin layers of oil and heating it until the pan turns into a dark shade of brown. 
STEP 7:  Enjoy cooking with your SAVEUR Selects Voyage Series™ NITRI-BLACK™ Carbon Steel Cookware. Each time you use your cookware, more seasoning will be built up. Re-season the cookware as needed using the above process.



CAUSE: If you have not used your carbon steel cookware for a long period of time or the pan is under moisture for too long.  

>> Use an abrasive sponge or scouring pad and hot water to remove rust spots & pits. Re-season the pan to rebuild the patina layers.


CAUSE: If you use the carbon steel cookware to cook acidic foods or your seasoning layers are not thick enough. 

>> Re-season the pan to rebuild the patina layers. 


CAUSE: If you are not using your carbon steel cookware very often or used excessive oil while seasoning. 

>> Re-season the pan to rebuild the patina layers. More frequent and heavy use can give your carbon steel cookware a slicker surface.  


CAUSE: Metal utensils will scratch the patina, if not used properly. However, these scratches give your carbon steel cookware a distinctive character. Look at these as your pan’s unique beauty marks.  

>> Continue to cook with your carbon steel pan. Scratches will evolve and even out eventually.  

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SAVEUR Selects® will repair or replace any item found to be defective in material or workmanship when put to normal household use and cared
for according to instructions. Minor imperfections, surface markings as a result of shipping, and slight colour variations are normal. This excludes
damage from misuse or abuse.



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